PRICE $18.95
TYPE Fiction

Author: Robert Johnston
Published By: 1st World
ISBN: 1595409742
Pages: 310
1595409742 – Hardcover: $28.95
1595409726 – Softcover: $18.95

"Ingram Mountain" tells the story of ADAM FINLAY, a wealthy businessman who, through association with an environmental group learns of the serious problems facing planet earth. He commits himself to helping reverse the deadly trends by embarking on a crusade to uncover information frequently hidden by governments and corporations. However before doing any work with the group he takes advantage of a pre-planned hunting trip with some associates primarily because it provides him the opportunity to explore a large area of privately owned old growth forest that, for unknown reasons, hasn't fallen prey to clear cut logging. During his survey of the property he gets caught in a severe snowstorm that disorientates him and he soon realizes he is lost. Attempting to find shelter from the raging blizzard he is struck by a falling tree and severely injured. He is ultimately rescued by some mountain dwellers and his injuries are cared for by an enigmatic back country woman. During his recovery he realizes this woman possesses spiritual wisdom far beyond what he has ever before encountered in any other person and also learns this wisdom contains the true solutions to environmental destruction. Through a strange twist of events he finally engages her counsel and gradually begins to understand the direct link between spirituality and the environment. She reveals in a clear compelling manner what must be done to halt the destructive trends if it is not already too late. The surprise ending enables Adam to put together the remaining pieces of a puzzle that permanently changes his direction in life. Although presented as fiction the story is based on facts and should be heeded by all who hope to avert the ultimate disaster facing mankind.
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