Publish Your Book

This is what you will receive:

3 BOOKS: Your book will be available in soft-cover, hard-cover, and in E-book format.

  • You will retain the full copyrights to your published book.
  • You will earn a 50% royalty on each published book, one of the highest royalties offered in the industry.
  • Your book will be available through over 24,000 bookstores worldwide and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as many other online booksellers.
  • You will receive a free hour long marketing consultation and get some great tips and important information on how to promote your book.
  • Along with the marketing consultation you will receive our Ten Simple Marketing Points That Work. A guide to aid you in your marketing efforts.
  • Your book will receive an ISBN number and will be registered with the Library of Congress.
  • Your book will receive professional proof-read, formatting and page-layout.
  • Our graphic designers will work with you directly to create a professional color cover design for your book
  • On top of your 10 free author copies, you can purchase copies of your book from us at up to 50% off suggested retail with deeper discounts for large orders
  • Your book is printed on demand (POD) which allows you to control your inventory without minimum orders and allows the sales to reflect the real demand for the book.

Once we review your manuscript, we can offer you feedback on it and discuss how we might be able to help you to get your book professionally published. If you’d like more information about our services, or would simply like to discuss your book ideas, we would be happy to talk with you any time.

We have printers overseas and are able to ship to anywhere in the UK, Europe, Australia, etc., easily and quickly. Your books will be readily available to you. Please let us know if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing your manuscript.

If you are writing to share stories, personal experiences or the lessons you have learned along the way, we will help you create a book of value to share with others.

If you’re a published author, a company, or an organization, looking for a way to produce a quality product and/or gain a greater share of the revenue from your book, we will help you accomplish that goal.


If you are writing for posterity, we will help you create a book that your children’s children will cherish.

Through our combined experience, the skills of our friendly and competent team, the contributions of our partners, and the technology available today, we are able to provide authors interested in self-funding their book’s publication with the best tools and experience available. As an author, you will be supported, encouraged and guided along the way.

Registered Authors will receive a free copy of “Publish it Now!” by Rodney Charles, an informative guide to self-publishing.

To receive your copy on how to publish your book