Author: Al Diaz
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4218-9041-8
Pages: 120
978-1-4218-9041-8 – Hardcover: $21.95
978-1-4218-9042-5 – Softcover: $14.95
978-1-4218-9043-2 – eBook: $12.95

Explore what The Titus Concept can mean to (and for) you in the way of unlimited abundance - health, wealth, friendship, love, and success. Al Diaz’s system is simple to use, and just as powerful. The guidance and inspiration will enhance your current level of understanding without adding any dogma, religion, practice, sect, philosophy, science, cult, or any other restriction into your Life. It’s simply having the Freedom * To BE empowered * To live through Love instead of fear * To function from your Heart instead of ego * To kNow and trust beyond faith and hope * To raise your level of awareness * To move forward from wherever you are now * To have even more Joy in your Life * To honor who you are and what you are * To Love your Self even more unconditionally * To simplistically create the Lifestyle you desire or require effortlessly * To kNow that absolutely everything is for your best and highest good. Al Diaz’s writing from the Heart takes you beyond with his guidance and insights for you to remember your own answers, the “Truth” that is already within you. You become more of who and what you truly are, resurrecting your original innocence, and having everything that no longer serves you for your best and highest good just melt away. In science the simplest explanation is the true one. So it is with the science of abundance - the simplest way of achieving it is the true way. It is time and we deserve it.
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