Author: Patricia Bisch
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4218-9986-2
Pages: 248
978-1-4218-9986-2 – Hardcover: $24.95
978-1-4218-9987-9 – Softcover: $18.95

Entering the Word Temple is Diane Frank's fifth collection of poems. Tomas Transtromer once said that poems are meeting places for souls. Diane Frank can enter, at will, that region where visions reveal themselves like snapshots. She transcribes these as jewel-like images on the page, through a vocabulary steeped in the natural world and the insistent predilections of the human heart. This is a journey made with luminous eyes. Author bio: Diane Frank is an award winning poet. Her friends describe her as a harem of seven women in one very small body. She has mentored hundreds of writers at San Francisco State University, City College of San Francisco, The University of Vermont, and the Professional Writing Program at MIU in Fairfield, Iowa. Currently, she lives in San Francisco, California - where she dances, plays cello, teaches writing workshops, and creates her life as an art form. She is also a documentary scriptwriter with expertise in Eastern and sacred art. Blackberries in the Dream House, her first novel, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.
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