Privacy Policy

1stWorld Publishing takes the gathering of information from its customers seriously. We are constantly trying to improve the way we ensure privacy and security while you are visiting our site. The collection of your information is protected by several security measures. In order to provide this level of security and privacy 1stWorld Publishing has implemented the following: Log files are maintained to collect information on each visitor to our site. This includes information on the date and time of your arrival, referring link, and web browser. Cookies are also employed as a means to provide each registered user who logs on to 1stWorld Publishing a way to maintain their session identification, user name, and password.

Users are prohibited from attempting to access data that is not intended for their use.

These areas include but are not limited to:

  • Changing the data of others without their consent
  • Using software or any other means to interfere with the functionality of the applications of this site
  • Attempting to capture passwords and usernames. These violators and others that intentionally harm our clients will be reported to the proper authorities, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Publishing Professional Registration This information is needed to fully utilize all the features that are available with 1stWorld Publishing. The user must enter certain information to post their services. The collection of credit card information is used solely for billing purposes only and transferred over the Internet through an encryption process.

Required Information Our site requires that certain information be gathered so that 1stWorld Publishing can better serve you. This information is company name, contact person, e-mail address, password, user name, credit card number and phone number.

Author Registration This information is needed to better serve the author and to fully utilize all the features that are available to authors on 1stWorld Publishing.

1stWorld Publishing does not release any information to third parties. The information that is collected by 1stWorld Publishing is used for the purposes of bringing the interested parties together for potential opportunities. Other uses of this information will be for the contacting of participants, who we at 1stWorld Publishing deem is necessary.

Publishing Professional Information Sensitive information that is collected from users is not shared in any manner with third party individuals or companies. This information is used for billing and contact purposes only. 1stWorld Publishing solely handles your account billing in regards to collecting and processing credit card transactions. The listing of service opportunities and sharing of general information about these opportunities must be considered public, and thus is deemed so.

Author Information 1stWorld Publishing does not sell or freely distribute your personal information to any third parties. Also be aware that 1stWorld Publishing may periodically send e-mails notifying you of potential author opportunities.

Control and Update of information 1stWorld Publishing gives complete control to the users of the site. One can update, change, or delete any information that has been posted to this site by the user, at any time. The controls that facilitate these changes can be found on the appropriate page in question, and are marked accordingly.

Security Measures 1stWorld Publishing uses the latest technology in providing security to our customers. We provide SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) technology, which allows all information being sent to be encrypted. This technology will be employed anytime that sensitive information is transferred across the Internet. Our security certificate is verified and held by Thawte.

How To Contact Us If you have any questions about our privacy commitment please contact us.

1stWorld Publishing reserves the right to modify our privacy commitment at any time. Please check this page frequently for any changes that may occur.