Author: Freddy Niagara Fonseca
ISBN: 978-1-4218-9160-6
Publication Date: 12/15/2010
Page Count: 532
Edition: Softcover
Price: $24.95

"A poem is...it cannot be otherwise... seldom explained...it spreads its words...on a page...hovering in a white sky..." So begins world-famous singer/songwriter Donovan in his poetic foreword to This Enduring Gift. This Enduring Gift is a collection of timeless and memorable poetry that digs deep and delivers. The 76 poets come from many parts of the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and several countries in Europe. They have one thing in common - they live or have lived in one buzzing, cosmopolitan small town in America's Heartland: Fairfield, Iowa. In nearly 300 poems, these remarkable poets not only share important nuggets from their own lives, but they communicate in universal terms, touching the very heart of our existence. Each poem speaks in its own distinct voice. Regardless of the many different styles and approaches these poets exhibit, each of their poems complement the others in a larger context. All 16 chapters read like a little book each expressing many variations on its theme, which you can savor in your own sweet time. Freddy Niagara Fonseca, Renaissance man, poet, dramatic reader, impresario, and creator of This Enduring Gift has immersed himself in the arts all his life and has read tens of thousands of poems in five languages. In 2004 he founded the Candlelight Reading Series, and in 2007, the Chamber Music Society Fairfield. With the collaboration of expressive readers, musicians, dancers, and actors, he has presented over 50 poetry readings on universal themes culled from poetry of all styles, eras, and cultures. He regularly invites noteworthy musicians - statewide, nationwide, and internationally - to perform chamber music in Fairfield, Iowa. Freddy Niagara Fonseca believes that poetry and the whole world will drastically change once a new, spiritual paradigm of consciousness and language emerges. Poetry will then be experienced, written, and appreciated in universal terms, and a sublime awareness of the Earth will manifest. He has lived in Fairfield for over 20 years and calls it home. "This Enduring Gift is a wonderful compilation of the many rich voices and gifted poets who live in Fairfield, IA-a unique spot on the map. This anthology should not only endure, but inspire, enlighten and entertain all who touch its pages." - MARY SWANDER, Poet Laureate of IA, Author of The Girls on the Roof "This Enduring Gift is a testament to the abiding power of poetry within a particularly unique community and, by extension, speaks to poetry's universal relevance. Here, a convergence of voices from places near and far, gathered in a small Midwestern town, observe, reflect, meditate, and wonder. From evocative lyrics to compelling narratives, from precise moments of deeply felt experience to inquiries of mystical complexities, these poems resonate with individual authenticity and true collective spirit." - WALTER E. BUTTS, 2009-2014 Poet Laureate of New Hampshire "This Enduring Gift reads like a collection of polished mirrors reflecting the valor of Fairfield poets - valor born of candor and insight that takes center stage and performs a love affair with language." - KIRA ROSNER, Author of When Souls Take Flight "The poems of This Enduring Gift...indicate an original awareness, a sensibility, a clarity of image, rhythm, and color from a group of individuals who have lived in Fairfield, Iowa - far more than a geographical location, but more a state of mind, or consciousness, seemingly, as there is a remarkable texture-ness to them all, each one unique in its shine and feel. I am startled at the creative light found in this wonderful collection so well arranged, edited and created by Freddy Fonseca." - RUDY WILSON Author of The Red Truck, and other novels.
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