Author: Rodney Charles
ISBN: 978-1-4218-8685-5
Publication Date: 5/1/2017
Page Count: 104
Edition: Softcover
Price: $15.95

~ ~ The Meter is Irregular, Volume 2 - Unleashing Teenage Werewolves, a collection of seventy-four poems from bestselling author Rodney Charles, introduces a new direction in the author's work. Grappling with the everyday challenges of parenting, the author hopes to leave a poetic legacy for his children that deals with self-identity, grief, death, spiritual progress and loving. Within these pages he chronicles his own unique discoveries of faith, religious doctrines, self-honesty and imagination in the hope of leaving a few life-lessons-learned for his family - his muse. ~ ~ ~ ~ Rodney Charles is author of The Land of Love, Art & Genius; Miracles of the Saints; Lighter Than Air; Publish It Now; Book Marketing Basics; and the best-selling Every Day a Miracle Happens. ~~~ ~~~AUTHOR NOTE: "This is the most remarkable work of literature written today. You can trust me completely because I wrote it today. If you question my objectivity, believing my views may represent a conflict of interest ...well that's just all wrong. Go ahead, "Look Inside the Book." You'll see. This work is as pithy and depressing as any great literature. Go ahead. Look inside. It's my second work of poetry. That means it is twice as good as my first, right?" ~~THE AUTHOR
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