Author: Mark Wilensky
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 1-59540-883-5
Pages: 216
1-59540-883-5 – Hardcover: $23.95
1-59540-884-3 – Softcover: $16.95

Inside Sales Management is that rare business book which addresses the most challenging situations that managers encounter, often on a daily basis. Whether it’s helping salespeople outgrow their fears and need for approval, eliminating excuse-making, powerful debriefing strategies, bottom-line interviewing techniques, bringing new hires up to speed quickly, win-win coaching – you’ll find all these vital topics explored and explained with psychological insight and humor. In the second part of the book you’ll learn sales psychology, from the points of view of managers, salespeople and even clients and prospects. The real world examples, role-plays and exercises enliven the strategies and make this a dynamic reading experience. If you’re committed to success – whether it be in sales or management – learn these strategies by heart. This is nothing less than a course in the psychology of business, and it should be required reading in business schools. Vic Mallen, Vice-president of Sales, Patton Solutions This book should be required for every sales manager! Mark Wilensky clearly explains how to understand and grow the people you manage. It’s about time somebody put it all together in one volume! Robin Domeniconi, President, Time Inc. Media Group To really serve your clients, you have to know how they think. In this book Mark Wilensky provides you with the codes to unlock your customers, your salespeople and what's happening between them. Even if you implement only a fraction of his strategies, you’ll see a dramatic upward trend in sales revenues! Steve Sachs, Publisher, Real Simple Magazine Getting inside the mind of salespeople – and clients – is the key to successful sales management, and that is exactly what this book does. I gained dozens of invaluable insights into how to motivate people, buyers and sellers, and you will too! – Don Combs, president, Colonial Equipment Co. This is the first book I’ve seen that clearly describes how to grow people! Mark Wilensky’s unique insights into what makes salespeople successful and what holds them back should be required reading for anyone hoping to develop a successful sales organization. – Ian Scott, CEO and President, Bauer Ad Sales. Managers - If you’re tired of not meeting your forecasts, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. The stories and examples make this vital knowledge come alive. I’ve read the chapter on becoming an all star coach three times, and I’m not through learning from it. – Richard Daniels, Vice President of Sales, PDI. At last – an understanding of salespeople, and how to ensure better sales results, all written in a style that any sales manager can readily grasp. Everyone with a stake in their company’s success will thank you for presenting the strategies in this book. – Charlie Browning, Publisher, New Homes Guide. I’ve read many books on the sales management process, and Mark Wilensky deals very effecively with the underlying causes of success and failure in managing sales. He demonstrates how to easily build a dynamic sales force that will exceed company goals. These insights will definitely increase your sales! - Frank Wintroub, president, The Rose Company There is nothing more important in managing the sales process than understanding the people involved…salespeople and clients – their expectations, their fears, and how to deal with them. Wilensky’s book gets inside the minds of buyers and sellers, and managers will benefit tremendously from this penetrating knowledge. - Gib Dickey, President, Housing Guides of America. Mark Wilensky has helped us double sales year after year, and I’m delighted that he has collected his strategies in this volume, which truly leads you inside sales management. – Don Alducin, founder and CEO of HJ Ford.
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