Author: Quent Keaveny
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 159540-850-9
Pages: 108
159540-850-9 – Hardcover: $21.95
1-59540-851-7 – Softcover: $14.95

This book lays out a sure-fire method for increasing membership and getting the new members involved in making good things happen. It provides practical, easy steps to take to success and is written in easy-to-understand, no-nonsense language. In today's world many of our volunteer service organizations are quickly loosing members and are becoming much less effective at accomplishing their goals. Yet there are hundreds, and even thousands, of people eligible to join and participate in the worthwhile purposes of these groups. The methods and steps in the book have been followed by the author and others to greatly increase membership in organizations and will guide the reader in doing the same. The work describes a bus ride to accomplishment and what to do when the bus encounters obstacles along the way. It is important that we remember that people in these organizations are volunteers, not paid employees, and as such must be provided with meaningful tasks for which they can see results...and they must receive the proper recognition for what they do. Good management principles show that Achievement and Recognition are the two most important motivators for people. The book encourages officers in organizations to be sure to provide a large measure of both to their members. This work discusses the importance of letting the community and the world know about the good work of your organization and discusses how to do this. Finally, the book encourages members to keep on keeping on. To find ways to overcome the obstacles and accomplish the great goals of the group. WE MUST ACT NOW IF OUR ORGANIZATIONS ARE TO SUCCEED. This small book, full of BIG IDEAS shows us how.
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