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Author: Gary Schineller
Published By: 1st World
ISBN: 1595409149
Pages: 156
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This system is practiced daily throughout the United States and in 22 countries worldwide. Its success is due to its innocence and simplicity! It's proven. It works. We are all becoming more powerful each and every day. We've learned that we must become the "change that we seek." This book shows us how with amazing results. Read the testimonials at the start of this book. Then take the Power Quiz. There are no wrong answers. After you've read the book, take the Power Quiz again. You'll notice a shift. Then you can receive a FREE POWER QUIZ ANALYSIS directly from the author. We can be happier, healthier, and more peaceful. This is our hope, our dream, and our privilege. We can Have a very Nice Day, every day. Miracles cease to be called miracles when they occur with regularity. Here's what some have said about the author and "How to: Have a Nice Day." We hope you'll send us your story too! "After 17 years of emergency rooms, doctors, psychiatrists, pain, depression and many, many medications I have finally found relief. I am Having a Nice Day, everyday. Thank you, Gary." ~Jason Gay, Irrigation Engineer; Tarpon Springs, Fl. "I earn over $1 million dollars per year and Gary has been one of my teachers. I am Having a Nice Day, everyday. Thank you, Gary" ~Shawn Casey, author, www.ShawnCasey.com; Duluth, Ga. "A buldging disc has aggravated me for many years and I was told surgery was the only answer. My world has opened in so many ways since reading Gary's book. Now, I am pain free and Having a very Nice Day.Thank you, Gary." ~Phyllis Cole,Mgr. Insurance Industry; Tarpon Springs, Fl. "After 27 years of Multiple Sclerosis the symptoms are miraculously regressing and I am finally Having a Nice Day. Chapter 5 has changed my life. Thank you, Gary" ~Sandra Kischuk, www.LivingBeyondLimits.com and former IBM Project Mgr.; Tampa. Fl. "I've purchased four copies of Gary's book. Why? Because the greatest gift I can give is health, happiness, and peace. Thank you, Gary" ~Susan Sexauer, Animal Behavioral Specialist, Tampa, Fl.
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