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TYPE Mysticism

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Category: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mysticism
Author: Nancy Clark
ISBN: 9781421838182
Publication Date: 12/07/2019
Page Count: 192
Edition: Softcover

Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience Unitive Consciousness is the rarest and highest expression of enlightenment as shown to us by Christ. The author of Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience was gifted with mystical experiences, a near-death experience, and the very rare Unitive Experience which led her to the very heart of God. In her own words… “As if a door were suddenly left ajar into some world unseen before, the fullness of my essence revealed there to be no distinction between self and God. My union with God burnt like living coals in my soul, burning with unspeakable, pure love.  I lived in God; I saw and understood through God. My ego was non-existent.” The teachings of the great mystics and saints whose lives were gifted with profound union with God insist that we have the ability to be restored to “Christ Consciousness” or in other words, Unitive Consciousness. This Consciousness is the evolutionary process and the ultimate potential of our species. The essence of everything you will learn in these pages comes down to learning of the process to discover the mysteries at the heart of our Higher Self and not the ego-self.  The author draws not only upon the mystics’ and saints’ wisdom but also upon her own mystical knowledge given to her during her transcendent Unitive Experience. The reader will be challenged to cross the threshold into living a soulful life, one that will realize the depths of who we really are. The near-death experience should not be taken as an isolated event or end-point of development but should be seen in the larger context of an Awakening event that starts the experiencer on the mystical path and our inner return to our Divine Source in consciousness. If you have not had a near-death experience, then please allow this book to serve as your official Mystical Awakening.
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