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TYPE Philosophy

Author: Anya Luz Lobos
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 1-59540-834-7
Pages: 300
1-59540-834-7 – Hardcover: $26.95
1-59540-832-0 – Softcover: $18.95

Wild Knowing is spiritual and erotic, stunning and mysterious. A story of love brought to its ultimate implications, it follows one man's unique journey to enlightenment. Winner of the Chelson award in fiction, Anya Luz Lobos has been described as "a writer of subtlety and daring originality." Wild Knowing delves into the inner realms of archetype and primal desire, at times evoking an almost visceral sense of higher states of consciousness. The plot is heart stopping, propelled by darkness as well as light. Diane Frank, author of Blackberries in the Dream House described Wild Knowing as "...a higher love story with an impeccable sense of ethics - an interplanetary page turner with large ideas, written in the voice of the Wise Woman." " Set on the planet Daria, Wild Knowing pairs a man from Earth with a wise and beautiful Darian woman. What the man learns about love from this absorbing experience would benefit us all." ~John Daniel, author of The Poet's Funeral "It may be true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus--but after reading Wild Knowing --they will both wish they were from Daria. " ~James N. Powell, author of The Tao of Symbols "Wild Knowing is like a healing balm. It is an extraordinary odyssey told with the sensitive passion of a woman's wisdom. Beautifully written with eloquent assurance, the author weaves a story that invites us to explore the very real world of intuitive love." ~ Rodney Charles, author of Every Day a Miracle Happens 
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