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TYPE Fiction

Author: Keith Shearing
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4218-9968-8
Pages: 284
978-1-4218-9968-8 – Hardcover: $26.95
978-1-4218-9967-1 – Softcover: $18.95
978-1-4218-9969-5 – eBook: $12.95

Keith Shearing’s Wheel of Eternity explores not only the realm of Earth but also a fascinating parallel reality known as Second Dimensional Earth. Throughout the story we follow the characters of Ken and Carol Spearman who work with contacts from the Far East and develop a key strategy to generate success for their business. During this time the couple begins to experience an unusual phenomenon that allows them to share each others dreams. In these dreams they travel to a strange world they come to know as Second Dimensional Earth. The unusual situation at hand becomes even more complicated by someone attempting to fraudulently take over their business. When the bad news reaches the team, personal and work relationships are put into jeopardy in an effort to uncover the truth and find the anonymous criminal. In the heat of the company’s fall out, Ken returns home to find he is unable to awaken Carol from an unnatural, consuming sleep. To save the mind of his wife, Ken enters into Second Dimensional Earth to face the challenges set forth by the unfamiliar environment. Understandings of life are unveiled and strength of character is tested, as this mysterious adventure ties together the plots of its two worlds in not one but two unique and powerful endings.
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