Author: D. N. Charles
ISBN: 978-1-4218-8616-9
Publication Date: 10/3/2011
Page Count: 22
Edition: Softcover
Price: $12.95

BONUS OFFER: Get a free eBook with this purchase and correspond directly with the author via email. We've all traveled by car, bus, train, and plane. The reasons could be for short trips, long journeys in and around the country, and overseas-as vacationers, tourists, college students, businesspeople, and more. When we travel, it's not unusual for us to encounter families with little infants and toddlers. How often on these travels have we come across families with young infants who are simply unhappy travelers, so unhappy that eventually their parents get frustrated and exhausted, making it diffi cult for fellow passengers to be comfortable as well? These are times we want to put on the headphones and blast the music with maximum volume or wish someone had developed a technology to block sound out completely. Even the most adorable babies can become tiresome, with others passengers becoming increasingly impatient with restless unhappy infants. Babies don't have to be cranky-we simply have to know how to care for them.
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