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Author: David Jack
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4218-9911-4
Pages: 372
978-1-4218-9911-4 – Hardcover: $27.95
978-1-4218-9910-7 – Softcover: $19.95

Every once in awhile, there comes a book of such incomparable grace and gentility - a book which proclaims and celebrates the divine, innate perfection in every single human being and the unquestionable supremacy of the human condition with such overflowing praise and devotion - that it makes its readers fall in mad, boundless love with themselves all over again. Well, this isn't that book. No, this book is a bitch-slap. for the whole damn human race. THOU SHALT NOT THINK: The Brutally Frank Guide to Life is the book which takes a bold, uncompromising stand and admits what few today will admit: that thinking - true thinking - is reviled, and that all those who even attempt to truly practice it are criminals in the eyes of "decent" society. In a wholly unholy manner, THOU SHALT NOT THINK combines a profound sense of philosophical outrage and extreme psychological disturbance with a light-hearted and, most likely, completely inappropriate sort of gallows humor. Inspired by such chapter titles as "The Most Insidious Kink: The Bondage of Religion" and "The Completely Rotten, Low-life Bastards of the Mental 'Health' Industry", voodoo priests, soccer moms, and other militant, jittery addicts of the sadistic status quo everywhere will clamor en masse for its total and utter destruction, armed with pitchforks and torches in hand. If you've ever secretly hungered for a book that tells it like it is, THOU SHALT NOT THINK is for you. If you've ever felt privately and painfully alone in a world of nightmarish stupidity, THOU SHALT NOT THINK is for you. If you've ever yearned for a book that might at least present options for survival in the face of such horrible odds, THOU SHALT NOT THINK is for you. .But if none of these things applies to you, THOU SHALT NOT THINK is most definitely not for you. Try another damn Sudoku book instead.
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