Author: Melanie Gendron
ISBN: 978-1-4218-8679-4
Publication Date: 12/26/2017
Page Count: 126
Edition: Softcover
Price: $15.95

Living artfully, with integrity, guides my life. I seek to express Truth in personal vision, to communicate honestly with consideration, committed to excellence in all endeavor. I choose to be authentic. -Melanie Gendron Born in Boston, MA, Melanie attended The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in affiliation with Tufts University. She has developed a unique style rich in symbolism inspired by many cultures. Proficient in a variety of media, Melanie enjoys a renaissance attitude, creating with inspiration her authentic expression of Spirit. Melanie's prize winning artwork is widely exhibited and represented in numerous collections, both public and private. Among her publications are the internationally acclaimed Gendron Tarot, A Journal for Cat Lovers and The Goddess Remembered, a Spiritual Journal. Melanie is a multimedia, multi-tasking, professional artist who has served a variety of clients as: animator, art director, author, book designer, fashion designer, graphic artist, illustrator, poet, painter, portraitist, teacher-metaphysician, intuitive counselor-whatever skill applies to give her best effort. She currently manages Gendron Studios in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, offering fine and commercial art and tarot products and services, on the web at www.melaniegendron.com, Email [email protected]. ENDORSEMENTS: The personified tarot cards in This Fool's Journey talk about themselves, making the archetypes accessible to the reader. The line drawings of the Gendron Tarot major arcana make this book a visual as well as consciously expansive treat. -John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus Melanie Gendron infuses the 22 major arcana with her own spiritual journey. Her insights make the archetypes come alive. The result is delightful-a book of reflections, poetry, and artwork that reflect her skills as an innovative multimedia artist. -Stewart Florsheim, Author of A Short Fall from Grace and A Split Second of Light The "fool" according to Ms. Gendron, is a manifestation of child-like innocence. Melanie's work is a magical compilation of art, poetry, and everyday experience inspired by Tarot's major arcana. It is an invitation for all of us to awaken to the innocence, fullness, and beauty of life as it is. -Don Lofland, Ph.D., Author of Powerlearning and Thought Viruses Melanie Gendron takes you on a personal voyage of self discovery, This book is a beautiful example of self actualization. Very entertaining. Her latest book This Fool's Journey, will inspire you and stir your imagination, inviting you on the journey as a divine Fool to gain mastery of the Universe. This is a trip worth taking. This is a book well worth having in your collection. -Peggy Black, Author of Morning Messages "We Are Here" Transmissions and Morning Messages Invitations Contained by a cohesive vision, Melanie Gendron partitions her poetically painted rooms, housed in This Fool's Journey. Cleverly calling upon the elemental spirits, she spins cycles in duality's direction, the four corners of life: North and South, East and West, instilled inside our Center. As she shares each Arcana from her personally insightful journey, she weaves hidden names and messages within the patterns of our lives, moving emotions overflowing our empty cup. Melanie Gendron 'geminizes' words with dual meanings, unfolding archetypal visions released to channel the enlightenment of self-actualization and free will through her penetrating poetry. So, "Breathe" in "Shadows" of Pandora's Box while "Dancing with the Demon," "Reaching . . ." "Though Miles Apart," the senses from the "Love" of "My Goddess." -Justin R. Hart, Poetic Author of Harmonic Hart Visions of Goddesses, Angel, Mermaids, and Fairy Tales and The Crystal Kaleidoscope of a Searching Silhouette www.harmonic-hart-visions.com
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