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TYPE Poetry

Author: Sharon Lask Munson’s
Publication Date: 2/15/2019
Page Count:92
Editions: Softcover
Price: $15.95

Sharon Lask Munson’s poems travel through space, tunnel through time, and cross generations. Whether free verse, prose poem, haiku or haibun, they carry, lean on and converse with each other in this exquisite volume of poetry. Personal history, family traditions, food, the natural world, pop culture, all blend into a sumptuous word stew. Reality is often heightened. Snow becomes more than snow. A collection of watches becomes an emblem of time. A dessert pastry becomes more than a dessert, ‘no two… cut from the same dough.’ She shows us that life can be painted with marvelous colors, sensuous images, and at ‘end of day’ be ‘strewn with possibilities. Sharon Lask Munson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She taught school in England, Germany, Okinawa, and Puerto Rico before driving to Anchorage, Alaska and staying for the next twenty years. She is a retired teacher, poet, coffee addict, old movie enthusiast, lover of road trips — with many published poems, two chapbooks, and one full-length book of poetry. She now lives and writes in Eugene, Oregon. She says many things motivate her to write: a mood, a memory, the smell of cooking, burning leaves, a windy day, rain, fog, something observed or overheard — and of course, imagination. She has a pin that says, “I Make Things Up.
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