Author: Patriczia Petrus
Published By: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-59540-891-4
Pages: 152
978-1-59540-891-4 – Hardcover: $22.95
978-1-59540-890-7 – Softcover: $15.95

Do you feel like you’re waiting for your life to begin? Have you ever asked, “Is this all there is?” yet, at the same time, you are feeling overwhelmed and even helpless by the violence on our planet. Have you ever suspected that life on earth as we currently know it is a sort of caricature, a kind of Fisher-Price toy world—sometimes fun yet not quite full and radiant enough? Then you are ready for this message. Or, if you simply want to achieve a greater sense of happiness in your life, then this message is for you. It has the potential to transform a near-life experience and to recapture the supreme adventure you just forgot you were on. We are reminded to maintain a sense of humor; to stay focused and rested; to be patient and to send light along the way. This is the ultimate and brilliant act of will and the hero’s way with the potential to schedule a new and joyous defining moment for our planet. “This material is the result of a deep, spiritual search that has made me the shallow, happy person I am today.”
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