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Category: Poetry
Author: George Wallace
ISBN: 978-1-4218-3694-2
Publication Date: 1/10/2022
Page Count: 156
Edition: Softcover

Resistance Is a Blue Spanish Guitar George Wallace is writer in residence at the Walt Whitman Birthplace, editor of Poetrybay, and author of 37 previous collections of poetry, including Smashing Rock and Straight As Razors (Blue Light Press, 2017). Based in the New York City performance scene, he teaches at Pace University in Manhattan and travels internationally to conduct readings and present his work. Recent awards and honors include: Corona d'oro (Korca Literary Festival AB) 2019; Orpheus Prize (Orpheus Festival, BG) 2018; Alexander the Great Gold Medal (UNESCO-Salamis, GR) 2018; Centro Studii Archivio d'Occidente Award (CSAO, It) 2018; Naim Frasheri Prize and Festival Laureate (Ditet e Naimit Festival, MK) 2017; Blue Light Book Award 2017; Laureate, National Beat Poetry Festival 2015-16. "George Wallace's bop prosody runs rhythms deep. His lines splash like the nature of color and noise he feels so at one with. This is the poetry of a country born to be wild and a heart rapacious and spellbound; writing that is modern, mindful and as old as the native cornstalks flashing by the highways." - Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth "In Resistance Is a Blue Spanish Guitar, George Wallace shows us, with lines lyrical and wise, how intricate the gearworks of our humanity truly are. There is a power of place and language in these poems. Metaphors that bedazzle and inform. There is holy text here. A tumbling word-jazz. And there is nothing less than the insistent, illuminating quintessence of our living in the offering." ¬- Robert Scotellaro, author of What Are The Chances? and Bad Motel "Poetry that John and Carol Steinbeck, Carl Sandburg, Willa Cather, William Faulkner and Walt Whitman could read and either admire or quarrel over with Garcia-Lorca. George Wallace takes to the American highway and sings. A manifesto beneath. Poems on top (Takes the heart of a radical) The seductions of a bare bulb swinging" - Scott Hightower, author of Hontenares, Tartessos, and Self-Evident
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