Author: Barbara Paul-Emile
ISBN: 978-1-4218-3729-1
Publication Date: 4/26/2015
Page Count: 176
Editions: Softcover
Price: $14.95

This collection by Jamaican-born writer, Barbara Paul-Emile, presents stories that focus on the vicissitudes of daily life as experienced by people in small towns and rural districts in the Caribbean islands. These tales deal with personal dilemmas, psychic crossroads, and social issues as shaped by the legacy of slavery, colonialism and national sovereignty, the complex heritage of the region. Set in the lush landscape of the tropical islands, individuals struggle to find personal fulfillment, advancement and validation in relationships and in society. Mosaic captures the important subtleties and nuances involved in island-living and presents the varied faces of the islands in vibrant and compelling portraits which allow readers to engage with characters whose voices mesmerize as they share details of the dramas that punctuate their lives. Written in clear, fluid prose that mirrors a painter's brush, Mosaic presents a canvas of images and characters so colorful, so vivid and so evocative that it is undoubtedly a masterwork.
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