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Author: Theresa Olson
Published By: 1st World
ISBN: 1595409939
Pages: 320
1595409939 – Softcover: $19.95

Forty years ago, in May of 1959, His Holiness Maharishi Ma-hesh Yogi first visited the United States of America. It seems only fitting to bring out a commemorative edition of the book written by my mother in 1967 wherein she described the adventures of Maharishi's first summer in this country. It is a book so like Maharishi, a tender story told simply about a great man with a superhuman goal. During these forty years, I have had the opportunity to quietly witness this great man going about the manifestation of a phenomenal vision-a vision based on the principle that everyone should naturally and innocently live 200 percent of life: one hundred percent inner spiritual joy along with one hundred percent outer material satisfaction. Maharishi wanted to bring humankind out of suffering and restore to us our rightful human dignity. He envisioned a world in which its citizens could enjoy a life free from problems-an ideal life based in good, useful and virtuous thoughts, words and actions; where we could enjoy the blessings of spontaneous good health, excellent and effective systems of education for our children, increased economic prosperity, and improved social well-being on all levels of society; where the spiritual ideals of all religions could be realized and lived in daily life; and, most importantly, where we could live in lasting world peace and real friend-ship with one another. And Maharishi offered a simple, powerful solution for realizing that goal-an easy, natural, mental technique that he called Transcendental Meditation, which allows anyone to develop his or her full potential while simultaneously nourishing the surrounding environment.....
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