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Author: Sparkle Simmons
ISBN: 978-1-4218-9057-9
Publication Date: 12/07/2019
Page Count: 30
Edition: Softcover

Sparkle Simmons was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. In 1999, she started her own business as a professional clown. There was no need to choose a different name as a clown, "Sparkle" fit perfectly. She loved making children smile at birthday parties, clown classes, and visits to area hospitals. She earned her certification as an instructor for Global Relationship Centers (GRC) in 2003 and spent several years traveling the country teaching personal development workshops. Her favorite course —Understanding Yourself & Others, which allowed participants to re-exam their life decisions and make new choices.  In 2005, she and her two children moved to Fort Myers, Florida, where she continued teaching and worked as a marketer for the Fort Myers GRC franchise.  Sparkle fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams by graduating from college in 2015, where she earned her BA in Psychology and Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University. She was the recipient of the Excellence in Civic Engagement award for outstanding service in the community. She is currently active as a social worker for the Florida Department of Children and Families, ensuring children are safe. Sparkle continues to serve her community in SW Florida as a charter member of the Fit for A King Mentoring Program. She loves lavishing God’s love on the girls and empowering them with the tools they will need for adulthood. Her prayer is for them to see themselves the way God sees them and walk in their divine royalty. Sparkle believes that your gift will always make room for you, (Proverbs18:16). She brings joy to the world through her stage- character Mrs. Penelope - the Church Lady, where audiences are left in stitches as she shares God’s word through comedy and a helping of motherly wit. Sparkle has practiced ministry for several years including:  dance ministry, flag team and worship team. She enjoys crafting godly garments, planning special events and fundraising. During her quiet time, she creates skits, monologues, and dances.  Sparkle's credo: God has placed purpose in each of us. If you want to know who you are and whose you are, simply tap into the everlasting flow of the Holy Spirit. She knows her purpose! She shines her light in dark places by sparking encouragement, inspiration, and passion... That all people will be drawn to the Father. (John 12:32)
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