Author: Paul Johan Stokstad
Published By: 1st World
ISBN: 1887472983
Pages: 132
1887472983 – Softcover: $16.95

You've had what seems like a million tennis lessons, but you get out on the court and it all goes away. You revert back to old habits and what made sense in the clean green and white world of the tennis pro is lost out there on the gritty high school courts where you are losing again to Hacker Charlie. You get steamed, throw your racket and go home frustrated. This book addresses the problem of getting what you learn in lessons out onto the court where you are hitting the ball with an actual opponent. The book challenges you to take charge of your own growth as a tennis player. It presents a system of "point projects" to help you systematically gather tennis knowledge and effectively incorporate it into actual play situations. This system is applicable to tennis practice, practice matches, match warm-ups, and during competitive match play. The book includes a number of sample point projects on every major stroke for you to try, plus a goal-setting chapter to give you the beginnings of an overall plan for self-improvement built around your own list of point projects. For less than the cost of one tennis lesson, you can double the value of all your other lessons, and start to become your own (best) tennis pro. Praise for How to be Your Own Best Tennis Pro "Paul Stokstad's book puts the attention of the player where it belongs: on self-development. Only by taking a serious look at your own game, by pulling apart and examining the details of every stroke, can you put it all together again as a bigger and better game. The book has an interesting, systematic method of analysis that should take any player to a new level of understanding of their own game and of tennis in general." -Jack Kramer
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