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Category: Poetry /Self Help/Education
Author: Maryam Daftari
ISBN: 978-1-4218-3526-6
Publication Date: 10/10/2022
Page Count: 142
Edition: Softcover

Haiku Workbook This Haiku Workbook is unique; a handbook in summary-form on haiku, as well as a workbook that takes the reader or writer interested in this poetic style on an abbreviated trip through haiku history to become an active participant in the art of writing. It leads the aspiring poet on a journey through the power of enumerable "present moments" captured with the beauty of images of Nature alongside each haiku. Vivid photos taken and carefully curated by the author - from an Iowa squirrel munching on an apple or a San Diego hummingbird hovering with its rainbow hues on a flower. This makes the process easily accessible, interesting, and fun - especially for children, young adults, or those preferring a concise guideline for writing haiku. It's all there - a three-in-one: pictures, haiku, and space to write for instant, active participation. The workbook takes the reader through the process of writing step by step, using samples of Japanese and contemporary haiku, encouraging revisions to express the image, and placing feeling into words that capture the beauty of the moment. The Haiku Workbook serves as a chaperon to the haiku process; to inspire aspiring poets to use the photo or conjure up images of their own to express their thoughts. This gives the new author a feeling of being within the scene of the photo, a one-ness with Nature, evoking feelings and memories in the moment, while composing the haiku.
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