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TYPE Poetry

Price: $15.95
Category: Poetry
Author: Rodney Charles
ISBN: 9781421836454
Publication Date: 10/10/2020
Page Count: 50
Edition: Softcover

The Meter is Irregular, Volume 5 Colorfast – Part 2 - The Meter is Irregular, Volume 5, is the fifth installment of a multivolume collection of hundreds of poems, from bestselling author Rodney Charles. Each volume follows the evolution of the author who hopes to leave a poetic legacy for his children dealing with self-identity, self-honesty, grief, death, spiritual progress and loving. Within these pages, he chronicles his own unique discoveries and imaginations in the hope of leaving a few life-lessons-learned for his family - his muse. ~ Rodney Charles is the author of Parenting Teenage Werewolves, Liberating Teenage Werewolves, The Inner Life of Turtles, The Land of Love, Art & Genius, Miracles of the Saints, Lighter Than Air, Publish It Now, Book Marketing Basics, and the best-selling Every Day a Miracle Happens. My dearest consort tells me she is misunderstood, unappreciated by kith and kin— all the world. Your voice is pretty, like a morning bird, but the patient stars hear each litigant, bearing witness to all sides. Mute with wisdom, stars say nothing, and every plaintiff, washed in the awe of starlight, confesses nothing whatsoever of injustice.
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