PRICE $18.95
TYPE Fiction

Author: Sara Marx Mitchell
Published By: Sunstar
ISBN: 188747286X
Pages: 312
188747286X – Softcover: $18.95

Rambling? Sure. Neurotic and funny? Yes. Meg is an aspiring writer that no publishing company seems to want to give the time of day. On a whim, she signs her last submission for a sweet romance novel like it was written by a man, "borrowing" her boyfriend's name Marcus. Marcus is really only interested in marrying Meg and having their farm together and is barely excited about having to carry on as the writer once the company accepts the book. Turns out the company thinks the angle is super and so do the millions of women who run to the booksellers to snatch up their copies. Marcus is touring, signing, and loving every minute of it while Meg is behind the scenes scrambling to write more for Marcus' "career" and struggling to hold together the remaining fragments of their relationship. In the meantime, she starts to have feelings for his agent, a guy named Nick Carter (not the Backstreet Boy!!!!) and this really makes her mad at herself. After all she's a nice Catholic girl and wants to be honorable, but how honorable can she be when she is lying about the whole book deal in the first place? Her best friend has priceless advice and is hilarious. The characters also include a homosexual guy who is waaaaaay out there, and Nick's receptionist who is a genuine smart...! You won't have to do a lot of in depth thinking to read this one, right?
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